Reagent Chemicals Specifications and Procedures for Reagents and Standard-Grade Reference Materials Eleventh edition


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Edited by Paul Bouis
American Chemical Society

Product Description

Sets purity specifications for almost 500 reagent chemicals and over 500 standard-grade reference materials

Contains a “Standard-Grade Reference Materials” section

Provides general physical properties and analytical uses for all reagent chemicals

New to this Edition:

Safety, accuracy, and ease of use in specifications for 70 of the 430 listed reagents have been improved

7 new reagents have been added to the eleventh edition

Testing methods have changed, including the heavy metals test method and gas chromatography-mass spectrometry (GC-MS)



The American Chemical Society (ACS) Committee on Analytical Reagents sets the specifications for most chemicals used in analytical testing. Currently, the ACS is the only organization in the world that sets requirements and develops validated methods for determining the purity of reagent chemicals. These specifications have also become the de facto standards for chemicals used in many high-purity applications. Publications and organizations that set specifications or promulgate analytical testing methods-such as the United States Pharmacopeia and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency-specify that ACS reagent-grade purity be used in their test procedures.


The Eleventh Edition incorporates the “supplements” accumulated over the past eight years, removes some obsolete test methods, improves instructions for many existing ones, and also introduces some new methods. Overall, the safety, accuracy, or ease of use in specifications for about 70 of the 430 listed reagents has been improved, and seven new reagents have been added.


Table of Contents


Part 1: Introduction and Definitions



Classical Methods of Analysis

Interpretation of Specifications

Validation of Analytical Methods

Method Detection Limits

Other Considerations


Part 2: Analytical Procedures and General Directions


Gravimetric Methods

Titrimetric Methods

Colorimetry and Turbidimetry

Measurement of Physical Properties

Direct Electrometric Methods

Trace and Ultratrace Elemental Analysis


Infrared Spectroscopy


Part 3: Solutions and Mixtures Used in Tests


Reagents, Buffers, and Indicators

Control, Standard, and Stock Solutions

Volumetric Solutions


Part 4: Monographs for Reagent Chemicals


Part 5: Monographs for Standard-Grade

Reference Materials


Part 6: Lists and Indexes


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